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Jay Buie jay@jlbenterprises.net
Jay is the software engineer for JLB Enterprises. He has more than ten years of experience deleveloping and deploying large web sites and complex custom-written business applications. He has played a major role in the production of high-profile sites like MyrtleBeach.com, Charleston.com, ParkCity.com and Horry Telephone Cooperative's online billing system, as well as dozens of customer web sites and private, password-protected intranets. Jay's broad range of work experience includes small startups, the world's largest web hosting company, technical colleges and a treasure hunt in Russia. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and is currently pursuing an MBA from Webster University.

Lee Ann Buie leeann@jlbenterprises.net
Lee Ann is the business manager of JLB Enterprises. She is the one who keeps the finances in check and the customers billed. She also has the hardest job in the company -- she puts up with Jay!

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